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Dr. Sanjeev Desai is a well-known spine specialist in Nashik. He is renowned name in the field of spine treatment. It is one of the most complex field of medical science and requires immense study and skills. He provides spine treatment for all type of spinal disorders, injuries, infections, and tumours.  He provides state-of-the-art services with the highest level of satisfaction.  After working for no. years in this field, he focuses more on advanced methodologies for treatment of patients. The particular specialization includes Neuro Spine Surgery, Cervical spine Surgery, and Laser Spine Surgery. He is expertise in spine surgery and has years of experience in this field. Dr. Desai has attended numerous medical discussions and conferences on neurology.  He is the best doctor for spine surgery in Nashik and offer patients best quality of life.

Head surgery in Nashik | Brain tumor surgery in Nashik - Dr.Sanjeev Desai

Spine Disease Treatment

The human spine is made up of small bones known as vertebrae stacked along with discs one on top of another. The spine runs straight down the middle of the back. When the spine is viewed from the side, it has gentle curves on it which helps it to absorb stress from body movement & gravity. When irregularities occur in the spine, the natural curve of the spine gets misaligned in certain areas. It causes back pain.

Spine Disorders:

  • Herniated Disc / Slip Disc
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Osteoporotic Compression Fracture
  • Facet joint arthropathy
Head surgery in Nashik | Brain tumor surgery in Nashik - Dr.Sanjeev Desai

Types of Spine Surgeries

Spine Surgery in NashikCervical spine Surgery is used to remove tingling, weakness, pain or numbness of spine. In this surgery, damaged intervertebral disc present in the neck is removed and replaced by disc implant. It gives relief from neck pain. Also, it restores the normal range of motion of the neck.  

Benefits of cervical spine surgery:

  1. Restores mobility of the neck
  2. Restores disc of height
  3. Stabilizes cervical spine
  4. Provides support to the head during rest and movement
Spine surgery in NashikNeuro Spine Surgery is performed to treat the brain, peripheral nerves, spinal cord, and extra-cranial cerebrovascular system related disorders. The surgery focus on specific conditions. Neuro spine surgery is performed on cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and sacral portions of the spine and surrounding tissues.
Spine Surgery in NashikLaser spine surgery is an alternative to traditional spine surgery where doctors use thin blades and manual instruments to open the skin and modify the tissue and bone beneath it. This is a minimally invasive endoscopic procedure that does not require any cutting or disturbing of the muscles and bones. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and only requires a very small incision. The recovery is also quick in this procedure, unlike conventional spine surgery. An endoscope is used for directing a laser beam at the affected area. The laser is passed through the small incision made which is in the back of the back or neck. The other device used in laser spine surgery is the scalpel. Both the direction and placement of the laser depend upon the actual site of the spinal issue. This is known as the best-proven procedure for spine-related problems.

Common Questions Asked On Spine Surgery

How spine problems arise?

The exact cause of spine problem is not known. Sometimes people may have structural weakness in the discs. Lifestyle and medical factors are also factoring for spine problems.

Are all back and neck problems arise due to spine problems?

Not all back and neck problems are related to spine problems. But 70% back and neck problems are due to the weak musculoskeletal architecture.  Sometimes posture i.e. the way you sit and stand also cause back pain. If you sit bending forward it creates unequal stress on the muscles of the back which causes back pain.

Does spine problem lead to paralysis?

There are various reasons for spinal cord compression. If the spinal cord compression is severe and long-lasting, it leads to damage of spinal nerves. It slowly develops weakness in the affected areas.

What are other treatment options available for a person suffering from spine problem and has severe pain?

There are so many treatment options available for spine problems like physiotherapy, modalities, epidural & root block injections & analgesics with an anti-inflammatory. Spine surgery is the last option and is performed if the patient is not responding to other medications.

Is it possible for a person to live a normal life after a spine surgery?

Nowadays spine surgeries are performed by using a minimally invasive & endoscopic approach.  It does not cause any major tissue damage. Therefore, the post-operation period is not painful, and it is possible for a person to recover quickly. Hence patients undergoing spine surgery can perform almost all normal activities after the surgery.

Is a spine surgery risky?

Each surgery has certain risks associated with it.  The risks may include minor complications, infections or major complications like non-resolution of symptoms. But due to the advancement of technology and spine surgery specialists are performing the surgeries, the risks are reduced significantly.  In-fact nowadays in some cases, patients can go home on the same day on which surgery is performed.

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