Headache Management

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Headache Management

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Pain in the head region is called a headache. There are hundreds of different kinds of headaches, depending on where the pain is located, what the pain is like, and the course of the headache. The most common kind of headaches are tension headaches. Other types of headache include sinus, menstrual, cluster, and migraine. Treatment for headache can vary and some types of headaches respond better to certain treatments. See your doctor if you experience headaches to make sure there is no underlying medical cause.

Primary Headaches

Primary headaches are stand-alone illnesses caused directly by the overactivity of, or problems with, structures in the head that are pain-sensitive.This includes the blood vessels, muscles, and nerves of the head and neck. They may also result from changes in chemical activity in the brain.

Secondary Headaches

Secondary headaches are symptoms that happen when another condition stimulates the pain-sensitive nerves of the head. In other words, the headache symptoms can be attributed to another cause.As headaches can be a symptom of a serious condition, it is important to seek medical advice if they become more severe, regular, or persistent.For example, if a headache is more painful and disruptive than previous headaches, worsens, or fails to improve with medication or is accompanied by other symptoms such as confusion.

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